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  • Easy Fitting-to-Fitting Connections (no pipe in between)
  • Time Tested and Proven No-Hub Design
  • Quick and Easy Installation and reliable performance
  • Fittings Can Easily be Dis-assembled and Re-assembled Ideal for systemmodifications
  • Easy Assembly with Ordinary Hand Tools
  • High resistance to lateral loading, making No-Hub excellent for buried applications
  • Code Compliant
  • No Clamps required
  • Strongest Joint in the industry
  • Proven Joint Design (similar to gas fittings)
  • Multiple Joint Capabilities
  • Fusion Indicators - to show when a joint is complete
  • Coil is Integral to Joint - no separate parts
  • Continuous Coil throughout Coupling - both sides fuse at the same time saving installation time.
  • Available in Polypropylene and PVDF
  • Code Compliant
Same No-Hub Fitting using your Choice of Joining Method
  • No Need for 2 Fitting Inventories
  • Same Fitting Lay Lengths - Regardless of Joining Type
    ie: same system design for both joining methods
  • Easy Transition From No - Hub to Riofuse CF
  • Same System Can Be Used Above and Below Ground
Strongest Availiable